"Join Me . . . And I Will Personally share with you cutting edge marketing strategy and lead generation for Real Estate investors or any small business owner that wants to  Get More Done and Make More Money."

Thursday, February 11th 2016
6:00 PM to 9:00 PM PST
Noble Title - 6585 High Street
Las Vegas, NV 89113


I'll show you steps in your marketing & positioning that will set your business on fire. How to attract leads and ideal clients that will set your business up for the Million Dollar mark by using attraction marketing & strategies that will have people waiting to work with you. 

"Marketing & Positioning on Steroids"

I am going to work with you to build a list. Your list can start off small but like a tiny seed, this seed can grow into a huge tree because of all the attention, excitement and interaction that you've created during your Interactive Offer. If you already have a nice list . . . great!   But everyone could use a bigger and more responsive list and I am going to show you the fastest, most effective way I know to do this without involving complicated pay-per-click, SEO or blogging your brains out.

Creating your Lead Generation System

I'm going to show you how to set up a Lead Generation system online at very little cost  to attract leads. The way you create & attract leads is crucial and very few people know this in marketing even though it's one of the most important parts of attracting leads and getting deals....  I'll explain how.  



Hi, I'm Crystal O'Connor- 3 time celebrity endorsed author of Unleash Your Moxie and founder of The Moxie Entrepreneur where we teach small business owners how to attract leads and build their businesss while having more TIME FREEDOM!

 Below a few of the topics we'll cover next week. 


  • How to build a list of fresh leads using poweful online positioning and convert that list into high-end clients using HOT copy and education based marketing that works!
  • Templates to help you write your emails for fast trust building that convert into sales and have them buying from you time and time again.
  • The mindset to charge what you're worth to afford  your lifestyle and your business as it grows while creating an integrated product suite.
  • The 10 simple tools you will need to turn your business around practically overnight and have your automated emails, ads & blog actually producing $10-$70k months within the next few months.
  • How to create an anchor event online (super powerful marketing) - that creates know, like & trust and presents you as THE influence in your niche. We will discuss how to use video, email, sales letters or opt-in pages and how to set them all up to be working for you and saving a ton of time!
  • How to position yourself to attract the best deals and investment homes. 


Billionare Investor, ABC's Shark Tank star and author of Shark Tales.

"Crystal's written the Ultimate How-To book for female Entrepreneurs. She'll set you on the road to starting your own successful business in no time."

New York Times Best Selling Author, Millionaire Maker for Entrepreneur's & Business Guru.

"Crystal will wake up and shake up your life. She's got the 'it' factor. She's a raw, honest truth-teller, straight up. Crystal will leave you super-charged. It's about time someone wrote a book like Unleash Your Moxie."

King of TV Info-mericals, CEO of As Seen on TV & original Shark Tank cast member.

"Unleash Your Moxie is wise & inspiring. Crystal's passion leaps off the page. I'd recommend ANY Entrepreneur read Crystals book, not just Women! It's sure to help you create your own personal economy with HUGE succcess!"

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